Finding a Home in Rome

flowerpot-1842098_1920Staring out my apartment window, I realized that this was it. I was in Rome, Italy, staring out of my window. An overwhelming feeling of respect, graciousness, and calm filled my gut and for a second I couldn’t breath. To be able to call this place home for the next four months is a dream come true. All the stressful planning, paperwork, and work suddenly became worth it in this exact moment. Closing my eyes, I took a moment to just catalog everything. Motorized vehicles zooming past with occasional honks and gunning of the gas. Busy chatter on the streets of a language that I could not understand. A bitter smell of espresso wafting up and into my nose, but with a slight, subtle, and sweet aroma of cream and sugar comforting me afterwards. I felt the sun beating down on my face, and a perfect 60 degree Fahrenheit chill washing over my body. Nothing can/could compare to this exact feeling. As much as I could try to describe it, this is something that must be experienced in person. I leave you with this: never let an obstacle become a roadblock when attempting to achieve your dreams. If I had, I wouldn’t be staring out of my apartment window in Rome.

by Haesu Lee