LdM Roma Spring 2017 Extracurricular Activities Italian Club








Wednesday, February 8 – Afternoon
Adventure and Legend through the Colosseum
The Colosseum is the symbol
of the Eternal City, maybe the best renowned monument in the world and is one of the world’s Seven Wonders.
The Flavian amphitheatre represents
an amazing historical and archaeological
treasure which, still today,
is able to remind us constantly of the
greatness of the Roman Empire.

Friday, February 24 – Day Trip
Bio experience from the land to the food
Famous for its tufa rocks promontories,
Tuscania, the beautiful Etruscan town
is located in the North of Rome, not far from
the seacoast. During the cooking demonstration
you will learn how to cook typical Italian dishes as well
as taste them and enjoy the lunch!

Enjoy the pleasures of slow life in Tuscania

Wednesday, March 1 – Afternoon
Italian Wine Culture
Learn to drink like an Italian, by savoring the flavors and distinctive qualities of fine Italian wines. Chaplin Cynthia, an LdM professor will introduce you to wine tasting basic techniques while exploring several types of Italian wine accompanied by complementary food tasting.

Friday March 10 – Day Trip Over the Sea
From the ruins to the beaches
Visit the beautiful ruins of Ostia, twenty miles from Rome. During the times this was the port city, a very colourful and important place with goods and people transiting from the whole of the Roman Empire.
Nettuno, a beautiful town overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a popular tourist destination for its beaches and for its Borgo Medievale (the Ancient City). The trip includes the lunch at the Borgo Medievale and the visit at the American Cemetery, the Memorial where over 7800 U.S. soldiers, who died during the World War II, are buried.

Wednesday, March 15 – Afternoon LDM TORNEO
Are you ready to play in a real match?
This is an incredible opportunity to meet and have fun with Italian students! Remember that a team needs supporters! Don’t miss this chance to make new friends!
Choose your favourite sport:

Wednesday, April 5 – Afternoon LDM CARE
Emergency provides assistance totally free of charge and guarantees treatment to anyone in need of assistance without any sort of discrimination.
Come to discover our mission!

Wednesday, April 19 – Afternoon Strawberry & Chocolate
Discovering the secret of making gelato
Meet at LdM and go to “La Romana”, a great Gelateria to discover the history of Italian Gelato and, of course, taste it!

Tuesday, May 2 – Evening
Journey Through Ancient Rome
A narrated light show of the ancient forums of Julius Caesar
The ruins of the Forum of Caesar will come to life with videos,lights and narrated commentary on daily life in ancient Rome and the live of Julius Caesar!

Friday, May 12- Morning
Students…ON AIR!
Italian TV Program
You’ll need to be smiling and ready to support your favourite team,
either the Green Peppers or the Red Tomatoes!
Italian chefs come from different Italian
cities and battle it out by preparing an array of delicious dishes.
Come to see the RAI Studios, home of the most
popular national Italian TV channel!

Thursday, May 18 – Evening
Your time in Rome is almost over but you can’t leave without having experienced one of the best trattoria in town. Roman cuisine is famous all over the world… who doesn’t know Pasta alla Carbonara? Before you say “goodbye” to the Eternal City, we want you to have Roman food at its best!